Saturday, June 4, 2011

Confessin', 1985

I was only able to see and hear John Stubblefield live in concert once. He was the co-leader of the Mingus Big Band and he cooked that night. The first time I ever heard of John Stubblefield happened when I first came to the college radio station (for which I currently co-host two shows) back in the mid-eighties. As I walked down the hall to the studio, one of the hosts (jazz critic Jame Hale) emerged from studio with this record under his arm. I tilted my head to read the title and the artist's name and I realized I'd never heard of him or the album. Naturally, I had to investigate...

I went on to discover a saxophone player who could scream the blues, cry the ballads, and drive the jazz.


this is the new link...


  1. A very fine saxophonist.
    I do have his "Bushman Song" album in my library, but not this one.
    Looking forward to hear.
    Thanks for the post.
    If you're not familiar with the " Bushman Song" album and you wish to hear it, I had posted the album at "The KingCake Crypt" blog:

    Enjoy it!


  2. He's a personal favorite, along with Clifford Jordan. Spent time in Montreal, and there were always good pickings in a number of stores. My back is still sore from sitting on a crate reaching low and deep for about 2 hours in one of daughter was in her last year in McGill...beautiful city, and the smoked meat is to die for. You have a fine site, and taste to match. thanks so much.bolt

  3. Hi,

    Great blog. Thanks a ton fro the great music. The link for john stubblefield's confession' does not seem to work. Any chance you can re-upload it? thanks again.

  4. Here you go...

  5. Thanks a ton for re-uploading the link. cheers.