Friday, June 10, 2011

Blue Stone, 1971

I picked this CD up at my favourite record store in the world - Cheap Thrills in Montreal, on Rue Metcalfe. I grabbed it because I am a huge fan of the late Charlie Mariano. I first heard Mariano while he was playing with Eberhard Weber. It made me strike out in both directions (the music he recorded before that record and the music he'd recorded after) to acquaint myself with his body of work. This is one of my faves because I knew nothing of any of the other musicians on this recording.

To me, this record represents Mariano's increasing preoccupation with creating a sythesis of Eastern and Western music and nicely previews what he would go on to do with Rabih Abou-Khalil.


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  1. Thanks a lot GR ! I've always been reluctant to listen to Mariano's Hindoo evolution, but I'll give another try, thanks again ! and Jay Jay Shambhoo !