Tuesday, April 5, 2011

True Blues, 1980

Consider this a companion to the previous post. True Blues once again brings together Art Pepper on alto sax, Milcho Leviev (it's his quartet) on piano, Tony Dumas on bass and Carl Burnett on drums recorded live at Ronnie Scott's in London, England on June 28-29, 1980. The program includes three Pepper compositions and the Gorson Jenkins standard, Goodbye. Once again, this is derived from a vinyl rip I made from an album I borrowed from my buddy, Jacques. The playlist rolls out like this:

1. True Blues  -  10:59
2. Goodbye  -  10:25
3. Y.I. Blues  -  11:28
4. Straight Life  -  6:20


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  1. I just scored a vinyl copy of Fisherman's Blues rcently. Wasn't even aware of this. Thank you so much for sharing!!!