Monday, April 4, 2011

Blues For The Fisherman, 1980

Recently, I had a good friend lend me several vinyl records by alto sax player Art Pepper. Two of them were released on the Japanese Trio-Kenwood label and two on the British Mole Jazz label. This one - Blues For The Fisherman - was released by Mole Jazz under the name of the Milcho Leviev Quartet. It is a live recording derived from a three night stand at Ronnie Scott's club in London on June 27-29, 1980. Milcho Leviev is on piano, Art Pepper is on alto sax, Tony Dumas is on bass and Carl Burnett is on drums. All the compositions are Art Pepper tunes, except Sad, A Little Bit (by Milcho Leviev). Art Pepper met Milcho Leviev during the time they both played in Don Ellis' band a few years before this recording was made.

The tunes are:

1. Make A List, Make A Wish - 16:58

2. Sad, A Little Bit - 7:20

3. Ophelia - 10:30

4. Blues For The Fisherman - 11:10


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