Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Missing Link 1979

I miss Fred Anderson. I miss his joyful personality. I miss his tenor sax sound. I miss the music he created with Hamid Drake. I miss his spirit.

I figured this would be a suitable way to return to S&F - acknowledge the late Fred Anderson with one of my favorite recordings of his - The Missing Link. It's just the way I like it: stripped down with just a bassist, drums and percussiion. All the pieces are , naturally, over ten minutes long. It was recorded September 17, 1979. Fred's on tenor, Hamid's on drums, Larry Hayrod is on bass and Adam Rudolph (Hamid's co-member from the Mandingo Griot Society) on percussion. The music plays out like this:

1. Twilight - 16:37

2. A Ballad For Rita - 13:52

3. The Bull - 17:11

4. Tabla Piece - 14:48



  1. Welcome Back.
    Thanks for the post.
    Looking forward to listen to it.

  2. Thanks, Uri. You guys have the best site in the entire blogosphere. Bar none. Period. You guys set the bar for every one of us. E-V-E-R-Y-O-N-E-O-F-U-S!!!!!

  3. Thank you for your comments regarding Fred Anderson. Like many in the NYC area, I appreciated his involvement with the Vision Festival and its related events. Seeing him play with Kidd Jordan, William Parker and Hamid Drake was simply mindblowing. I was there for the duo with Harrison Bankhead.

    I know he was a big part of the Chicago scene and I am sure he will long be remembered for his contributions there.

  4. Welcome back. We just celebrated the one year anniversary of Baba Fred's transition here in Chicago last month. It was a great show. Thanks for doing so much to keep the music alive.