Friday, April 8, 2011

Live In The Netherlands, 1997

It takes a special horn player to sustain a solo concert. Consider the dynamics and the sheer stamina it must take to blow a saxophone for an entire performance. One such tenor saxophonist who could do that - in 1997 - was David S. Ware. He may be able to do this again some day...

The recording offered up today is on the Italian label, Splasc(h) Records. The recording documents a solo live performance by Mr. Ware at the Zuid-Nederlands Jazz Festival on October 26, 1997. The CD is made up of four pieces called:

1. 4th Dimensional  -  9:24
2. 5th Dimensional  -  4:33
3. 6th Dimensional  -  10:11
4. 7th Dimensional  -  14:59 


Postscript: Consider this post a palate cleanser after the three Art Pepper albums. There is still one to come and it will appear shortly. But until then, partake in the ragged glory that is the big man, David S. Ware! 

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