Saturday, April 9, 2011

G Is For Gonzalez

It's been too long since my last Musical Alphabet posting and what better way to return (in my humble opinion) than to profile the Dallas jazz master Dennis Gonzalez. I was lucky to correspond with Mr. Gonzalez during a time of research I was conducting for a six part series on his recording career that I prepared for the jazz radio program I co-hosted at the time. I found Dennis Gonzalez to be a humble, spiritual, positive man who welcomed my questions with generosity and thoughtfulness. What you will hear with this collection of music is selections from several of his early recordings from his own daagnim label. I remember being blown away by the richness of all his music. I remember being baffled why a musician of his stature was not receiving the acollades he so richly deserved. He continues to make excellent recordings to this day! I urge everyone to search out every recording the man has ever made. And if that isn't a strong enough endorsement then listen to this post! The program plays out like this:
1. Hymn For Rivers  -  9:20 (Anthem Suite/Little Toot)
2. Aaron's Nuages  -  11:06 (Kukkia)
3. Beirut  -  6:52 (Witness)
4. Parachute One  -  7:14 (Hymn For The Perfect Heart of a Pearl)
5. Old Time Revival  -  8:35 (Old Time Revival)
6. Nils Petter's Foxtrot  -  15:41 (Yells At Eels - Home Away From Home)

You can get many of Dennis Gonzalez's recordings directly from him by going to: Amulets



  1. A very special musician.
    Many thanks for the post.

  2. Seriously, thank you for this. I am just beginning to appreciate Gonzalez. Have you heard the duo version of "Anthem for the Moment" on Scape Grace? It is unreasonably beautiful! -MB

  3. Yes, Scape Grace is achingly beautiful from beginning to end and criminally under acknowledged in North America! I would buy any recording by Dennis Gonzalez and feel very confident that I would be getting a superlative listening experience. Simply put: he is a master.