Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Start of a Beautiful Friendship...

In August of 1990, the Village Voice devoted an entire section to a summing up of the previous decade in terms of the cream of the crop of jazz. David Murray was deemed the tenor sax player (and, indeed, jazz artist) of the 1980's. That was not a surprise to any jazz fan. What was a surprise to many jazz fans (including myself) was the fact that along with recordings by such heavy hitters as World Saxophone Quartet, David Murray, John Carter, Ornette Coleman, Jack DeJohnette, Henry Threadgill and Cecil Taylor was a record by some guy named Edward Wilkerson Jr. In fact, his record, 8 Bold Souls, was situated at the number three position, just behind WSQ's Revue and John Carter's Roots and Folklore: Episodes in the Development of American Folk Music! I had no idea who this person was, what instrument he played or where he was from.

Now I know. You should, too.


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