Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Tradition in Transition...

That's the title of an old Chico Freeman record from decades ago but it also aptly describes what this quartet is all about, too. In his linernotes for this album, trumpeter Roy Campbell Jr. begins: "We represent the sum total of the musical masters who played before us and presently. We reflect the assimilation of their influences and our own experiences which have evolved to reach the present level of presentation and performance, which manifests in the music we create." That pretty much says it all up.

They've gone on to make several other recordings under this name. I recommend them all wholeheartedly. Listen and see what I mean. The above image gives you everything you need.



  1. Thank you for the comment I hope you right soon sincerely Foufou.

  2. never heard this one - have quite enjoyed the other two I've listened to & then there's the cincher - there's never been a Silkheart I haven't loved - thanks

  3. Hello from Greece.
    Thank you so much for this outstanding album.
    I love it !!!
    Never heard before.
    I'm grateful for this precious gift.

    Procrastinator Procrustes

  4. i have been loking for this one for a while, many thanks for your effort, i just came by through jazzblogwatch.blogspot, great site you have been running here, i'm glad i found it, a lot of great music, regards