Thursday, October 8, 2009

I'm in the Band...Really...

In the spring of 1987, at the Ruhr Jazz Festival, the groups Material, Last Exit and African Force were scheduled to perform. Unfortunately Bill Laswell (bassist for Material and Last Exit) got stuck in Tokyo and Ginger Baker's African musicians mysteriously disappeared. So, Baker, Nicky Skopelitis and the two members of Last Exit (Brotzmann & Sharrock) joined forces. But they needed a bass player (in Laswell's absence). They enlisted Jan Kazda, bassist for German band Das Pferd. They played March 28, 1987 as their first gig.

They would go on to play three gigs as a group called No Material because of Laswell's absence and due to the fact they really did not have any material to play. Essentially, Skopelitis would begin playing a series of arpeggios and everyone else would join in...

The playlist is:
1. Dishy Billy
2. Skin the Pizzle
3. Oil of Tongue
4. One in the Bush Is Worth Two in the Hand


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