Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Man From the East...

I first came to Yosuke Yamashita through a recording he made with tenor player Benny Wallace. I'd heard Wallace on several recordings and seen him perform live at a local jazz festival. I wasn't prepared for the intesity of Yamashita.

Over the years I've picked up several of his recordings and have only recently come to realize that he had been playing for more than a decade before I heard him (in the mid-80's). He is a powerful, angular pianist who does not abandon melody. He's considered to be a Cecil Taylor inspired/influenced pianist. This record would lead one to believe he considers Albert Ayler to be one too.

The record was recorded live on May 23, 1977 at a Berlin venue. It was released on the West Wind label. The lineup is: Yosuke Yamashita - piano; Akira Sakata - alto sax; Shoichi Koyama - drums. The music is:
1. Chiasma (16:30)
2. Ghosts (35:30)

The record is called: Ghosts By Albert Ayler



  1. hi there,
    many many thanks for this marvellous record. i was looking for it for over 20 years !!! i have many other records by yamashita, but not this one. i like the sharpness of this trio with akira sakata. very good one.
    best regards.
    paul w.