Wednesday, October 7, 2009

AACM's Heavy Hitters In Their Youth...

Once upon a time, (say, the second half of the 1960's) names such as Anthony Braxton, Wadada Leo Smith, Leroy Jenkins, Muhal Richard Abrams, Richard Davis and Steve McCall were not household names (in the house of jazz). Eventually they would be. Formed by Anthony Braxton, this ensemble pushed the envelope at the time in terms of group improvisation. Sadly, they produced very few recordings. What we have here today are two recordings - Volume 1 released in 1970 and Volume 2 released in 1971 - that came out on the MUSE label. They are portions of the same live performance.

Creative Construction Company Vol.1 is made up of three pieces:

1. Muhal Pt.1
2. Muhal Pt.2
3. Live Spiral

Creative Construction Company Vol.2 is made up of two side-long pieces:

1. No More White Gloves (With Sand Under Your Shoes Doing a Dance) Pt.1
2. No More White Gloves (With Sand Under Your Shoes Doing a Dance) Pt.2

Braxton, Smith and Jenkins create interesting solo threads but the rhythm section, to these ears, seems to be under utilized. Check it out and be the judge.

Regretfully, the MUSE RECORDS label no longer exists, though some of their recordings have been leased by other companies...


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