Monday, May 12, 2008

Wide Open - Edition Two

It's time to post the information for last week's premier of Wide Open. I hope there was some music there that appealed to you. I tried to create a smooth transition from piece to piece as well as an overall arc to the flow. I began and ended with German bassist/composer/bandleader Eberhard Weber. I included two piano trios led by incredible female pianists. I connected pieces by the Lounge Lizards and Tom Waits as a nod toward Lurie's and Waits' friendship.

Here's the complete list:


Eberhard Weber / Later That Evening / Death in the Carwash
Nils Petter Molvaer / Khmer / Khmer
Lounge Lizards / Voice of Chunk / Voice of Chunk
Tom Waits / Rain Dogs / Gun Street Girl
Myra Melford Trio / Alive in the House of Saints / Evening Might Still
Joanne Brackeen Trio / Havin' Fun / Manha de Carnival
Kenny Wheeler / Deer Wan / 3/4 in the Afternoon
Eberhard Weber / Silent Feet / Seriously Deep

Now, here is Wide Open - Edition Two. There are eight pieces again and Edition Two has a bit shorter running time.



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