Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wide Open - Edition Three

Welcome back. Here is the playlist for the second edition of WIDE OPEN. Did you recognize any of the music? Did you like any of it? I'd be curious to know. It's been a lot of fun selecting the tunes so far. It almost gets overwhelming when faced with such a vast choice but, in the end, the whole process has become pretty intuitive. I make a point of listening to the final collection to get a sense of what the listener is confronted with.

Here is the playlist:

1. Charles Barnett / Run to Jesus For Refuge / Southern Journey: Velvet Voices
2. Bruknahm Project / The Bruknahm Project / Lester Left Town
3. Lester Bowie / The Great Pretender / Rios Negroes
4. Rein de Graaff Quintet / New York Jazz / Au Privave
5. DJ Logic / The Anomaly / Ron’s House
6. Steve Tibbetts / The Fall of Us All / Hellbound Train
7. Henry Kaiser / Those Who Know History Are Bound to Repeat It / Ode to Billy Joe
8. Gerry Hemingway / Songs / Thump It
9. Jack DeJohnette’s Special Edition / Tin Can Alley / I Know
10. Vijay Iyer & Mike Ladd / In What Language? / Plastic Bag

This set of tunes featured several vocals - something kind of strange for me. I tend to steer clear of vocals unless they seem unique or innovative to me. The last tune is the last tune from the recording also and is a powerful performance by Vijay and Mike. It's one of my favourite albums of all time - and it's almost entirely vocals! Also, the vocalist on track 8 is Lisa Sokolov. I've heard it said it said that she's an acquired taste. To me, she's fearless and compelling. I love what she does with her voice.

Now, it's time for WIDE OPEN - EDITION 3. Go here to get it. See you in about a week's time. I hope you hear something you like...


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