Monday, May 5, 2008

Wide Open - Edition One

I've decided to start posting a series here that will enable visitors an opportunity to hear (hopefully) either some new sounds or some old musical friends. I'll make a point of not posting the names of song titles or artists when I post the download link. This will give the listener the opportunity to listen with unbiased ears. The bottom line is: you'll either like the music or dislike the music based on the music - not on who is playing it. Some of the music will be familiar, some of it will be less so. All of it will be music I like. Hopefully you will, too. Who know: maybe you'll be surprised and/or curious...

I will blend the individual pieces so that the entire playlist will flow together from beginning to end as one single MP3 file. I'll attempt to make the music flow. Listen closely and consider the experience a blindfold test of sorts. I'll try and keep the files to under seventy minutes in length so they can be burnt on to a CD. Then, when I post the next file a week or so later, I'll post the entire playlist with artist, track and album titles. Please buy their records if you like what you hear... PLEASE! I believe these fine musicians deserve to earn more money for what they create.

So, here's the first edition of WIDE OPEN. I hope you enjoy it. Get the music here. Enjoy.

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