Monday, April 21, 2008

The Thrill of Discovery...

One of my fellow IMCers (the organization I am a part of that brings jazz/improv fans ninety minutes of great music to the radio/internet airwaves every Thursday evening on CKCU-FM 93.1 in the Ottawa region and at everywhere else) began a two part series on guitarist/composer/band leader Rob Price on his April 10 show. Jim, the IMC host, opened the show with what he does so well: an intoduction that put the entire show into context. Jim told the listener that four months ago he did not know who Rob Price was. He recounted the story of how he came to hear the music of Rob Price in the form of Rob's most recent record, I Really Do Not See the Signal. He talked about how thrilled he was to hear Price's music from the very first note - that sweet taste of discovery!

For reasons too numerous to recount here, I was unable to listen to the entire show live (in real time). Luckily, I took it upon myself to edit Jim's show for mp3 upload to our Myspace site. This meant that I was given the opportunity to listen to the whole show from beginning to end. Darned if the whole "discovery" euphoria didn't wash over me, too! Now, while Jim and I have always been musical soul mates, there have been times when we just didn't agree. This doesn't happen often but it does happen - from time to time (and why wouldn't it? music is a personal journey, isn't it?). But if for some reason, either of us has overlooked a recording upon our initial listening and the other raves about it afterwards, we will invariably go back to that album and listen to it with fresh ears. Nine times out of ten we'll change our minds. Maybe we give it a fairer second chance or afford it the attention it aptly deserves. I don't know. But we have enough faith in the other's taste to entertain the notion that we were, well, a little hasty.

The bottom line is: I will listen live to Jim's second show on Rob Price, volunteer to edit the show (so I can hear it again) and likely download the mp3 file of the show. While you won't be able to hear the first show live, you'll be able to hear the second one live. You can download the first show here:

You can go to Rob Price's website to download/buy the album at Rob's website:

This week (April 24) I welcome Norm Howard, guitarist of Butterflies & Zebras to play some music from BnZ and spin some of the tunes that inspired and influenced him as a musician over the years. Norm's wacky a guy - it should be a very fun show!

Thanks for reading/listening!

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