Sunday, February 17, 2008

By Way of Introduction...

It seemed that many of the friends I have through music have taken to blogging. It's a reasonable way to "get things off your chest". You don't have to follow any particular structure or timetable or, for that matter, topic. All you have to do is write something. So here it is:

Thursday, February 14, while most people were sharing some quality time with their loved one on Valentine's Day night, I was in the on-air studio of the radio station of which I co-host a weekly jazz/improvised music show. What can I say - I have a very understanding spouse who is willing to let me pursue my love of this music. This night I spent the first third of the show - it's a ninety minute program - celebrating the recent release of a wonderful wordless novel called Let That Bad Air Out: Buddy Bolden's Last Parade" by Toronto artist/printmaker Stefan Berg from Porcupine's Quill Books.

You can see images from the book on our slide show at: IMC

Here are a couple here:

I read from an email interview I had conducted with the artist as well several passages from books dealing with Buddy Bolden. I played a selection of Dixieland jazz to get us in the mood.

The second and final thirds of the show was devoted to more recent music which we (the association I belong to: Improvised Music Collective)had received from jazz and improvising artists from around the world. I played music from musicians from Montreal, Toronto, Sweden, Switzerland, USA, and France.

Here is the playlist for the entire show:

artist / album / selection
Sidney Bechet Dixieland Jazz: This Was the Jazz Age I Thought I Heard Buddy Bolden Say

Bunk Johnson Brass Band - Dixieland Jazz: This Was the Jazz Age - Just a Little While to Stay Here
Edmond Hall - Dixieland Jazz: This Was the Jazz Age - Royal Garden Blues
Johnny Dodd's Black Bottom Stompers - Dixieland Jazz: This Was the Jazz Age - New Orleans Stomp
Henry "Red" Allen - Dixieland Jazz: This Was the Jazz Age - King Porter Blues
Sidney Bechet - Dixieland Jazz: This Was the Jazz Age - Really the Blues
Mugsy Spanier - Dixieland Jazz: This Was the Jazz Age - Dipper Mouth Blues
Wild Bill Davison - Dixieland Jazz: This Was the Jazz Age - Muskrat Ramble
Kid Ory - Dixieland Jazz: This Was the Jazz Age - Blues For Jimmie

Francois Carrier & Michel Lambert - Kathmandu - Impro for the Monks
Chris Greco Trio - Pleiadian Call - Ask
Jalazz - Between Spaces - Wie du Dir, So ich Mir
Biggi Vinkeloe Trio - Mbat - Fenska

CBD Trio - Suspension - Alap
Francois Ingold Trio - Fat Free - Lust for Life
Harley Card - Non-Fiction - Right Arm

Vinkeloe/Weaver/Smith - Desert Sweets - Blue Lupine
Chaos Butterfly & Biggi Vinkeloe - Live at Studio Fabriken - Joy, Hmm… 1

Next week, fellow IMCer Mark Othmer profiles guitarist Sonny Sharrock and features his seminal recording Ask The Ages

Till next time...


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