Saturday, August 11, 2012


I'm sure you've heard by now... the chill is being felt across the blogging universe... petty, ignorant lowlifes (a term that might actually be too generous in this case) have raised their ugly, twisted head(s)...

Two of the high quality jazz blogs have gone dark and are no more. The Jazz Inn and A Darker Shade Of Blue were highjacked by the lowest form of human. First this sub-species stole the email account of the curator of these blogs, then attempted to trick the followers of both blogs into sending them money (thankfully, the followers are infinitely more intelligent than the sub-species lamely trying to dupe them), and then deleted both of the blogs.

Why? Who knows.

Thanks to one of the prominent members of the blogging community (you know who you are - you rock!) for helping to spread the word to the jazz/improvised music community of this idiotic stunt and ultimate destructive act.

If you are someone (whether blogger or follower) who cherished what A Darker Shade Of Blue and The Jazz Inn endeavored to provide for this discriminating audience, please spread the word that something wicked this way comes.

Maybe the phoenix will rise from the ashes, albeit in a transformed state. Maybe there'll be some changes made. Maybe if you care what happens you can let them know. Maybe the scum will drop dead because they're already brain dead.

We can only hope...


  1. Thank you for sharing this information! I got a few emails too.

  2. Just back from Holidays,I was one of the people who enjoyed your post, I am speechless, I had seen many things on that line, this is defineitely mean and destructive. My English cannot render the frustration acts like this cause.
    Hope to know something else about this.
    Thanks for the many wonders you shared, veru best wishes for good and generous people

  3. Anonymous
    Get a name or keep your comments to yourself.

    Mr Blogger sir,
    There are some really dreadful people on the planet, who for no reason destroy things of others for no real reason. I am sorry you have been attacked in this manner. expect me to return tou your pages from time to time and check out your music. Thanks in advance and cheers from Sydney

    1. Hey duck- I don't take orders from you, sorry.

  4. Many Jazz blogs are working great ... only they have to change their techniques over time to time recording artist

  5. Keep on going.
    Maybe we meet together someday.
    Jazz is forever.

  6. Hey there, would it be possible to re upload Old and New Dreams - Saalfelden Jazz Festival. It was hosted on megaupload so the link is dead now...I would really appreciate it. Thanks!!!

  7. its nice to know what happenened to A Darker Shade Of Blue when it dissapeared, i was worried there was something even more tragic that happened.

    wishing the best for now.

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  9. I thought A Darker Shade of Blue simply went private. I didn't send an email in time to get invited to it. If anyone has that email, please share.

  10. try contacting sergio on blogger

  11. "la musica de pere" dissapeared yesterday too for some reason.

  12. Almost 1,5 years The Darker Shade of Blue is alive again, but now it's a private blog. I'm not owner of this source, and (alas) I can't get an invitations... sorry.