Thursday, August 9, 2012


Well, much has happened the past five days. All of it bad. It goes like this:

Two of the high quality jazz blogs have gone dark and are no more. The Jazz Inn and A Darker Shade Of Blue were highjacked by the lowest form of human. First this sub-species stole the email account of the curator of these blogs, then attempted to trick the followers of both blogs into sending them money (thankfully, the followers are infinitely more intelligent than the sub-species lamely trying to dupe them), and then deleted both of the blogs.

Why? Who knows.

Thanks to one of the prominent members of the blogging community (you know who you are - you rock!) for helping to spread the word to the jazz/improvised music community of this idiotic stunt and ultimate destructive act.

If you are someone (whether blogger or follower) who cherished what A Darker Shade Of Blue and The Jazz Inn endeavored to provide for this discriminating audience, please spread the word that something wicked this way comes.

Maybe the phoenix will rise from the ashes, albeit in a transformed state. Maybe there'll be some changes made. Maybe if you care what happens you can let them know. Maybe the scum will drop dead because they're already brain dead.

We can only hope...


  1. I've just read your warning message.
    I'm mad not only at what's happened to your blogs but at the suspicion that the son(s) of a bitch who've done it will remain unpunished. If I'm right, they've done to you what they had done to "My duck is dead" and, so far, the culprit is nameless.
    I suppose there must be some sort of way in which fellow Net surfers can help to pinpoint and locate them. At least, I venture, you have the address they left to have the money sent to them but I fear that will be less than enough.
    In any case, this mail intends to both inform you of my support to your venture and restore you my address.
    Let's try to at least punish the thieves/aggressors so this damned trend is stopped shortly as it deserves.


  2. Uri: Hope you get back soon. The music that you have shared is amazing. Best wishes. Rob

  3. Uri. Very sad to know what happened to you and the blogs. Appreciate so much your work and sharings. So many new artists and records I have known from you. Hope you decide to get back soon. Best wishes,

  4. ury fiquei muito triste com o que aconteceu inclusive eu recebi realmente um email seu com conversa estranha e ate respondi . depois foi que eu vi que era uma fraude

  5. uri meu email

  6. Agree wholeheartedly with your sentiments, Ground Rules. This is appalling.
    Uri - thanks for everything you did to get a wider hearing for this important but hard-to-find music, which can only be kept alive by people hearing it, enjoying it and spreading the word. Uri, I hope you re-emerge somehow, someday, and meanwhile take some consolation from knowing that 99.9% of your followers really appreciated all your hard work and all the wonderful music.

  7. Uri: Total bummer. Your taste in music was a good fit with my likes/dislikes, and the resource you were carving out was robust. Don't let the creep keep you down. I expect to see you back on top soon. All the best.

  8. I had been visiting Jazz Inn for less than a month but it was a place that I liked very much. I am sorry to hear that someone has taken it down.

    I do not think that this was some teenagers having fun. Many sites have received takedown complaints from people who had no claim to the music. I think there is an effort by someone in the industry to make life difficult for bloggers and they are using illegal means as well as the legal routes of the FBI and DMCA.

  9. Received one of the creepy 'help me' emails and knew something was wrong. May their toenails ever grow inwards!

    Hope to see the return of a Uri blog soon. Best wishes,

  10. Sad news, wish you luck with new ideas.

  11. Uri come back with new Ideas.Best Wishes

  12. How bent is that? Agree with GR..a shame. Sorry it happened to one of the very best, but Uri will rise from the ashes, that's for sure.

  13. I got one of the e mails and came very close to answering it. It seemed like a scam, but Uri worked so hard on these blogs, I was willing to trust him and figured it must be for real. Fortunately, I did not fall for it.

    I am sorry to hear about this, but it is better than his being robbed and stranded in a foriegn country.

    My best wishes on whatever Uri choosed to do in the future.

  14. Uri,

    What a drag that there are such people out there. I really have appreciated your offerings and the work you've done to spread great jazz around. Kol Hakavod. If you manage (or even want) to regroup, please drop me a line at

  15. Hello Uri,

    I'm sad about your problems. All of your shares were much appreciated. Hope you could find a new way to share more jazz music. You can contact me at
    Thanks a lot

  16. hello uri,
    i just got to hear what's happend with your blog....What a drag.
    I really appreciated you both blogs...and hope you'll don't give up...and hope you find a new idea to share....

    all the best

  17. Hi Uri,
    Quite a shock, I guess: being hacked.
    I'll hope you will find a solution for both blogs with great music.
    Keep up the good work

  18. Uri,

    Missing your blog. Hope to see you up and running soon.

  19. absolutely terrible news. Uri and gang - million thanks for all amazing posts and insights. All the best for your future projects.

  20. un saludo Uri, no pude entrar en su comunidad, pero lamento lo que ha sucedido

  21. I hope that Uri (and the jazz blogs) will bounce back from this devastating turn of events.

    I wish him well.

  22. Pues yo ando preocupado ahora (11 de octubre de 2012) por Mel (sic vos non vobis) ¿Qué ha pasado con su blog? - What happened with Mel's Jazz Blog Sic Vos Non Vobis? ¿Alguien sabe algo?


    1. Penso que os senhores da google removeram esse blog. Não creio que o próprio Melanchthon o tenha removido. Com certeza foi mesmo a google. Tem acontecido muito os blogues de música serem alvo de constante perseguição por parte da DMCA.

  23. Mel, come back please!!!

  24. Mel, many of us are bewildered, your old blog web address seems linked to someone else entirely. Are you out there somewhere with your excellent blog? Have you moved?

  25. Mel briefly returned last week with a slight change in the address. One less "o" in the url. Sadly that looks like it has been shut down by Google. Who knows where we can get news of his return?