Tuesday, February 7, 2012


I've been following an outstanding music blog for a while now. In the interest of full disclosure let me say that the author is a former co-host of mine several years ago when we produced a jazz/improvised music radio program called NOW'S THE TIME. As is so often the case in this fast paced world, we have both moved past that place in time to pursue other passions not strictly broadcast related. Why am I recommending this blog? Several reasons, really. The author, Andrew, is an outstanding writer. And he has something intelligent to say. Every post is thought provoking, whether the music he writes about appeals to me or not. He approaches his writing with the same eloquence and thoughtfulness he displayed with his radio programs. Give Andrew Forbes' THIS IS OUR MUSIC a try if music is more than just sound for you.


  1. You're very kind, Ron. I'm glad you enjoy the site. Keep up the good work here.

  2. Thank you for recommending the site,it was a real pleasure to read something interesting and not superficial.