Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Ornettology, 1991

What makes this recording is so good is it's uniqueness. It doesn't sound avant-garde or cutting edge or ahead of its time. It sounds unique. The instrumentation is unique - drums, bass, vibraphone, clarinet & bass clarinet. Their sound is unique - somewhere between Ornette's quartet (naturally) and the Mulligan/Baker ensemble. I came to this recording because of Don Byron (I'd heard The Tuskeegee Experiments and made a point of going back in musical time to his earlier days). He (along with Buddy De Franco) changed my mind about the black stick. I'd grown up listening ad nauseum to Acker Bilk's "Stranger On The Shore" because my parents played the song (just that song) over and over and over again. I guess I can say I hated the clarinet. Things have changed.

Bryan Carrott has played with the Lounge Lizards and a laundry list of jazz musicians.

Melissa Slocum has been playing bass since 1987.

Lastly, Ralph Peterson Jr. is a great drummer, a fine trumpet player and a superlative bandleader. I have several of recordings. This one is my favourite. Listen to it!



  1. An outstanding band, an excellent album!
    I have in my library another album of this line-up: "Ralph Peterson Presents The Fo'tet" (1989); highlly recommended.
    Many thanks for the share.

  2. Wow-I missed this--RP is a Force!