Tuesday, November 17, 2009

More Ted (by request)...

My apologies to the person who asked for the entire Ted Curson album, Cattin' Curson. I just plain missed the comment! Sorry about that but I guess better late than never...

I've been quite pleased with the response to the Ted Curson post. I was blown away by him when I first heard him and I hoped others would be too.

Anyway, here it is!



  1. Much gratitude man! What a gem! I wonder If you could post the first song: Typical Ted again, just the first song. Because it seems that the start is wrong. I compared with the one that you posted in "C" is for Curson and effectively it is wrong. But in "C" is in less quality.

    Anyway, I appreciate your kindness posting such a great record!.

  2. Hey JD,

    I just went back and compared the three files for TYPICAL TED that I have - the ripped CD, the Cattin' file, and the "C is for Curson" file - and they all appear to be identical. I'll up the first song anyway just in case I missed something...

    Thanks for the kind words.

  3. Thanks for sharing, fine music!

  4. Hi man, Is there a chance that you could post Ted Curson & Co. LP. It would be great.