Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Featuring the Bari...

In a previous post I mentioned I was sucker for the baritone sax provided it was played with tenderness and passion (not expressions that are mutually exclusive as far as I'm concerned). I also mentioned I was not a big fan of Gerry Mulligan but was first turned on to the big horn by Serge Chaloff. I'm also a huge fan of Pepper Adams, Nick Brignola as well as newer players such as Rodrigo Amado. One baritone sax player I came across years ago who has stood the test of time for me is Per Goldschmidt. But I came to him because of who he was playing with as opposed to any reputation that preceeded him. The Frame - the recording offered up here - included Jack DeJohnette, Lonnie Plaxico and pianist Niels Lan Doky. It turned out to be a gem. Listen to it and be the judge.


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  1. Thanks, exciting no-nonsense baritone playing, especially absorbing when there is no piano. Thanks for bringing it to my atention