Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Details...

Here are the notes I fed to the group when I eventually announced the name of the record. If you went to the site to get the album you were also given the opportunity to download a single track which is another version of composition four. Try comparing them...

Label: Cadence Jazz Records, CJR 1105
Recording Date: August 27, 1998, Knitting Factory, NYC

Instruments: Joe McPhee – alto sax, pocket trumpet
Dominic Duval – Hutchins bass

Dance of the Reasons Why (For Dewey Redman) - 18:50
Beyond the Truth/Lies (For Charlie Haden) - 8:14
Moffett’s Motif (For Charles Moffett) - 6:36
Old Eyes (For Ornette Coleman) - 5:24
Caught in the Moment (For David Izenzon) - 10:10
And Then Red (For Scott LaFaro) - 4:50
Celebration (For Don Cherry) - 2:00

As you can tell from the titles, this is a tribute recording to Ornette Coleman and some of the players who have played with him. It is a set of duets recorded live in concert. I chose this record to start this project because I love both of these musicians very much. I’ve been lucky enough to see them live (together and separately), meet them and talk with them and found them both to be humble, respectful human beings. I consider Dominic Duval to be my favourite bass player on the planet, bar none. Joe McPhee composed and recorded “Old Eyes” (track 4) on a previous hat ART recording (Old Eyes & Mysteries, hat ART CD 6047) in 1979 with a large ensemble. (I’ll post that track in the next few days and let everyone compare.)

Next time: Mysyery album #2.

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