Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Wide Open - Edition Four

Sorry for the time between posts...

So here is Wide Open Edition Four for your listening pleasure. As usual see the playlist for the previous edition. How many did you recognize? Edition three jumped around and really followed no internal design except that I grabbed discs off the shelf that jumped out at me.

Here is the playlist:

1. Michael Moore Quintet / Osiris / Movement Specialist
2. Christian Escoude / Cookin' at Hell's Kitchen / Everybody Over Here
3. Mal Waldron / The Quest / Status Seeking
4. Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey / The Sameness of Difference / Fables of Faubus
5. Loose Acoustic / Out of Our Hands... / Outro
6. Ran Blake / Horace is Blue: A Silver Noir / Horace is Blue
7. Spring Heel Jack / Million Shades... / 60 Seconds
8. Rolf Kuhn / Inside Out / Working Inside
9. John Tchicai / Moonstone Journey / Spirals of Ruby
10. Michael Bates / Outside Sources / Tunisian

I suppose the Spring Heel Jack track was little jarring in relation to the other selections but I went with it anyway. I hope you heard something you liked...

You can find the fourth edition here.

Thanks for listening. See you soon!


1 comment:

  1. hi,
    I tried to down your Wide Open selections, but the files are no longer there.
    The thing is that half the tracks you select are also my favourites, and the other half I don't know.
    So I am really curious about that other half.
    Is there any other way I can get to listening to your selections?
    I'm the kind of person that will then go out and buy the cd's if they are available.