Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Attainment / Bannar, 1987

The story goes like this:

Charles Brackeen began to record jazz in 1968, went on to play with a who's who of jazz: Don Cherry, Frank Lowe, Carlos Ward, Dewey Redman, Leroy Jenkins, Paul Motian and Leo Smith throughout the 1970's and the early 1980's. Then he fell off the music map.

Then in the second half of the 1980's, trumpeter Dennis Gonzalez coaxed Brackeen to play on his album, Namesake. Brackeen began a recording contract with the Silkheart Records label and that's where we draw today's offering from.

These are manditory recordings! You must hear both of them!



  1. Interesting, interesting.

    I first heard Brackeen on vinyl, on tenor essentially taking Ornette's place in a quartet (Rhythm X), then a few years later at the Northsea Jazz Festival, now playing wistful soprano. So I am interested what approach he might have taken on these.

    Thanks a lot! :o)

  2. Hi Ground Rules, Welcome back!
    I have both of those albums, highly recommended.
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    there're few things I would like to ask you.

    Thanks in advance


  3. Incredible, not just for Brackeen, but for Olu Dara, Fred Hopkins and more Malachi Favors.

    Thanks for sharing man! Your whole album as one format really works well for me!