Thursday, September 8, 2011

A Tribute To Eric Dolphy, 1996

When I bought this CD I'd never heard of Joe Rosenberg or his band Affinity. I'd heard of their special guest on this album - Buddy Collette - a horn player who likely never received the recognition he deserved because he lives on the west coast. I'd heard of the subject of their tribute - Eric Dolphy. And I heard of most of the compositions on the disc. I had no idea the recording would be so good but, in retrospect, my reservations were completely unfounded.

I've found the Music & Arts label can be a hit or miss proposition. This one is definitely a hit. It's recorded live in Berkeley, California on March 25, 1995 (tracks 1,2,3 & 6) and March 24, 1995 (4 &5).

I've tried to find their tribute to Ornette Coleman (with special guest Dewey Redman) but to no avail so you'll have to settle for this gem.



  1. Another great find!
    Highly enjoyable from start to finish.
    Thanks for the share.

  2. Hey Sound, I have the Tribute to Ornette Coleman you've been looking for. Let me know if you still want it. D

  3. Do you have a dropbox folder with Mediafire? File format preference? d

  4. Sound,

    Try this:

    Feel free to post on your blog.


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  6. Interesting choice of material..Nothing from the final period which is a shame ('Iron Man', 'Out To Lunch' etc) but still fascinating enough..Many thanks for the post.

  7. Thanks, a real pearl.