Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Luminous Cycles, 2000

Here's another sweet recording - this time including Chris Speed with another "dream team". I've seen someone somewhere (I think over at Uri's joint) asking for more James Emery / Marty Ehrlich collaboration. Here you go...

This recording was released on the Between The Lines record label out of Germany. It's an interesting label and a virtual slam dunk for anyone looking for interesting and challenging improvised music regardless of whether one has heard of the musicians. I've never heard a boring album from this label and you'll hear more from this label here in the future.

James Emery is best known as the co-leader of the String Trio of New York with John Lindberg.



  1. Well it was me who mentioned on Uri’s site a request for some Emery/Ehrl ich, so a big thank you for responding with this. Much appreciated.
    Btw, any chance of a re-upping of the Jan 09 Portal radio concert? – would love to hear that, but it doesn’t download from the divShare site. Many thanks.

  2. Thank you so much.
    Excellent album.
    I love it !!!


  3. This album was on my wishlist for quite a while, so finally I'm finding it at your place.
    It's certainly was worth the wait; Great ensemble, intriguing music.
    Another Emery's album that is on my wishlist is "Special Domain" {Enja}, If you have it. please post it.
    Many thanks for this one.

  4. Do you know this album?

    James Emery Iliad Quartet - March Oblique 5:49


    James Emery Iliad Quartet - Smoke Detector 4:43


    James Emery Iliad Quartet - One Eleven 7:31