Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Night Fire, 1981

I was lucky enough to enjoy John Carter's Octet live when they were on tour for Castles of Ghana. It was at the Spectrum in Montreal during the Montreal International Jazz Festival. Sadly, both John Carter and the Spectrum are no more.

The five releases in the "Roots and Folklore: Episodes In The Development of American Folk Music" (his final recordings) led me to search out his earlier work on Black Saint, Emenem and Moers Music, etc. This is one of those recordings. I love to hear Carter musically interact with Bobby Bradford. They are such a contrast in styles and musical conceptions yet they complimant each other so beautifully.

John Carter was under recorded and consequently never achieved the recognition he deserved. He influenced many improvising musicians (he's been the subject of at least two tribute recordings that I know of - one by Ab Baars (check out my archive) and one by Francois Houle - both of which I recommend wholeheartedly).


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  1. A great post!
    John Carter is an amazing clarinet player; I strongly recommend to listen to the way he plays on Horace Tapscott's classic: "The Dark Tree", just unbelievable.
    Many thaks for the share.