Saturday, April 30, 2011

Natural Selection, 1988

This is a working super group that recorded several albums together as well as contributing to each others individual solo projects. There really was no leader in Quest. All members contributed compositions. All members are superlative on their chosen instruments and create an individual group sound. Ron Wynn wrote:

Quest sometimes played reflective, ethereal pieces that were close to the material done by such bands as Oregon. At other times, they could be funky, loud, free or explosive, particularly Liebman, who played soprano with passion, frequently dazzling skill, and verve. Beirach's piano solos avoided the trap of recycling hard bop ideas and ranged from soothing melodies to energetic statements. The lack of predictability and set structure made Quest one of the 1980s' more enjoyable bands, and this CD shows why their music defied rigid categorization.



  1. A very fine group.
    I do have this album and the first Quest album (1982) in my library.
    I noticed that the scans you've posted are different to the one I have; I had posted the scans of my CD last year at the Cover Project, so for if you want to have a look, here it is :

  2. Uri, that's interesting about the cover differences. I think my covers (which come from the CD I ripped for this post) were the original CD release on the Patthfinder Records label and, (I'm just guessing here) the Evidence release was a re-issue. Regardless, as you stated, they are a very fine group. Should I add my scans to the jazz album cover crypt?