Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Among Friends, 1995

Horace Tapscott was woefully under-recorded during his lifetime. The reasons are numerous but completely irrelevent now. This fairly rare recording is a welcome addition to Tapscott's discography. The fact that Sonny Simmons is included is a bonus. This recording was taken from a live performance at the Parc des Recollets in Longwy, France on July 28, 1995. Tapscott is on piano, Simmons is on alto sax, James Lewis in on bass and John Betsch is on drums. The program is fairly "standard" for both Tapscott and Simmons but a thrill to hear nonetheless.

1. Milestones  -  4:23
2. Body and Soul  -  10:23
3. So What  -  15:50
4. Caravan  -  20:26


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  1. Great post!
    Horace tapscott is one of my alltime favorites jazz musician. I do have this album in my library alnogside most of his other recordings.
    I don't know if you attached scans of the album to your post,I've posted good quality scans of the album's cover on the "Cover Project" blog:


    So you're all welcome to use it.
    Enjoy the music.