Tuesday, April 26, 2011

9 - 11pm. Town Hall, 1988

I suppose it's accurate to say that this ensemble would be considered a super group in Europe. I suppose it's also accurate to state that I consider Michel Portal to be one of my five favourite living horn players.

This album is billed as a concert led by drummer Daniel Humair but it's really a group effort. All are French except for Joachim Kuhn, who is German. None of them are huge jazz stars in North America but they should be. This is a great live performance!


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  1. A very fine sample of these top European jazz musicans.
    I'm very well familiar with all of them; as a regular viewer of the French music TV channel "Mezzo", I had seen several performances by those magnificent musicians.
    Martial Solal is a world class jazz pianist and Michel Portal is one of the top clarinettist in jazz.
    Thanks for the post.