Thursday, May 6, 2010

Steve Lacy Quintet, Live April 9, 1977 - East Berlin

My buddy Mark tells the story of the time he called Steve Lacy so he could do a phone interview for the jazz radio program Mark and I co-hosted. He said he got Mr. Lacy to the phone (after a series of back and forth phonecalls to set up the interview) at the agreed upon time. So Mark turned on the tape recorder and began to ask his questions. But Mr. Lacy's answers became simple, one-word replies - the interviewer's nightmare. Then Mark said he heard the a bell ring. Lacy announced that the postman had arrived and that he must go to the door to retrieve the mail; he was expecting a cheque. That was the last he heard from Mr. Lacy. He never returned to the phone. Mark sat there for ten minutes waiting for Lacy but eventually came to the conclusion the interview was over.

The details for this recording are as follows:

Steve Lacy Quintet

April 9, 1977
Jazzbuhne, East Berlin, GDR
Steve Lacy - soprano sax
Steve Potts - alto & soprano sax
Irene Aebi - cello, vocal, violin
Kent Carter - bass
Oliver Johnson - drums

1. The Crust - 10:54
2. Papa's Midnight Hop - 7:49
3. The New Duck - 8:36
4. Revolutionary Suicide - 9:18

It's short but sweet!


P.S. Steve Lacy died June 4, 2004 in Boston, Mass - less than a year after Mark's interview...