Monday, January 4, 2010

The Carmelites...

My infatuation with the music of Loren Mazzacane Connors happened fast and hard. In a former life, I frequented a wonderful record store in Montreal called Cheap Thrills (on Metcalfe) fairly often. That's where I found Connors' early recording, In Pittsburgh. I knew nothing about him except that he inhabited the musical fringe (I liked him already!), created what was considered by many to be "dark music", and he sounded like absolutely no one else. Naturally, I just had to hear him.

Man, his music hit me hard!

He played stark, haunting, introspective, blues-drenched guitar that was usually unaccompanied and unadorned.
With each trip to Montreal and Cheap Thrills I scoured their stock for any Connors discs I did not have. I now own 23 of his recordings, a mere drop in the LMC discographical bucket. This offering - The Carmelites - was recorded for a Japanese label, complete with Japanese linernotes, which are absolutely useless to me...ah, but the music...

If you like it let me know. I could post more...


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