Friday, December 18, 2009

Variations on Selected Themes For Jazz Quintet...

The late John Carter joins Ornette Coleman and Enrico Rava as the only artists (so far) to have multiple posts devoted to their music here at S&F. If this offering proves to be popular there'll be more...

I am still in the hunt for the fifth and final part of his "Roots and Folklore: Episodes in the Development of American Folk Music" called Shadows on a Wall. My dream is that some day some enterprising record company owner will acquire the rights to the four parts that originally were released on the Gramavision label (a label which no longer exists). I suppose the only sticking point to seeing this happen is the reality that the first part of this series of suites - Dauwhe - was (and still is) available from Black Saint Records. Hopefully, someday...

But, I digress...

This record was recorded in August of 1979 in Germany for the Moers Music label and features the stellar lineup of Carter on clainet, Bobby Bradford on trumpet, James Carter on flute, Bob Stewart on tuba and the late Phillip Wilson on drums. The album includes a couple of his more popular (relatively speaking) compositions - "Echoes From Harlem", "Woodman's Hall Blues", and "And She Speaks".

Enjoy! And let me know if you'd like to see more John Carter here. Thanks!


  1. Monster album long in the wish list. Thanks

  2. among my favorite Carter recordings - well worth replacing my vinyl copy

    I've also got "Shadows on a Wall" on vinyl - contact me if you're still interested

  3. thank you so much .!!!
    i have a problem to download the back cover in a lot of your post ,help please !!!!