Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Smokestack Lightnin'...

One of the most horrendous concerts I ever attended was a solo Andrew Hill show. It wasn't him. It was the audience. You see, at the jazz festival in my hometown the ticket prices are so reasonable that many people pay for tickets and show up for shows because they think it's cool to attend a jazz show. But when they're faced with music that demands the listener's attention and concentration, they bail out. So what, big deal, the ticket was only ten bucks...

And that's what happened that day. Andrew Hill began with a medley of his dark, resonant compositions and half the crowd got up and left - DURING THE PERFORMANCE!!!!

And, yes, that was the same jazz festival that had half the audience get up and leave after Steve Tibbetts played his first piece of the night...

Luckily, the people at the Montreux Jazz Festival had more class. This recording was released on the Arista Freedom label and was recorded July 20, 1975.

Playlits is:

1. Snake Hip Waltz (11:15)
2. Nefertisis (10:16)
3. Come Sunday (17:56)
4. Relativity (4:50)


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