Friday, September 11, 2009

Somewhere Between Something Else!!! and Prime Time...

I don't usually post twice in one day but this primo concert came my way this morning and I just had to share it as soon as possible...

In February of 1968 Ornette Coleman played in Italy - in this case, Rome and Milan - as a quartet with bassists Charlie Haden and David Izenzon and drummer Ed Blackwell. Ornette played alto sax, trumpet and shenai. For audience recordings done in 1968 the sound is quite good. The playlist goes like this:

1. Lonely Woman - 10:32
2. Monsieur Le Prince - 9:48
3. Forgotten Children - 11:00
4. Buddha Blues - 13:12
5. Tutti - 23:05
6. Three Wisemen And The Saint - 13:48
7. New York - 18:48


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  1. Excellent album! and the sound quality is great. I was mainly interested in hearing coleman on the shennai. I messed with one for a second but i found the quadruple reed to be impossible. Thanks for this and the other great stuff on your blog.