Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Myra Melford Live in San Francisco, 2006...

I've never made a secret of the fact that I love the music of Myra Melford. I've gone as far as to suggest that if every musical artist were to put out a recording on the same day and I had only enough money to buy one, I'd buy Myra Melford's. I've also gone as far as to say that if my house was on fire and my family was safe, this is the CD I'd go in to get (so, I guess, that makes it my favouite album of all time):

So, naturally, when I was handed the opportunity to post a Myra Melford concert, I jumped at the chance.
The concert took place Saturday, November 4, 2006 at the Florence Gould Theatre, Legion Of Honor in San Francisco, CA. The amazing lineup was: Myra Melford (piano, harmonium); Cuong Vu (trumpet); Ben Goldberg (clarinets); Alex Cline (drums); Stomu Takeishi (bass). The playlist goes like this:

1. Intro, band introductions, Stomu plugs in
2. Made It Out
3. Equal Grace
4. The Whole Tree Gone
5. A Generation Comes and Another Goes
6. Through the Same Gate
7. The Whole Place Goes Up
8. Moon Bird
9. Night
10. Knocking from the Inside
11. Myra solo encore



  1. Thanks so much, Ron. I just wanted to let you know that the 8th track is called Moon Bird (not New Bird). Also I've recorded much of this music and it's coming out on FireHouse 12 Records in January, 2010, but I'll have advance copies in October. Let me know if you'd like a copy.

  2. Thanks for the correction, Myra. I'll make the change immediately. That's wonderful news about your new record on Firehouse 12! Anthony Braxton, Mary Halvorson and now you - wow, the label's really starting to resonate. I'd love to get an advanced copy to review here! It'll make up for missing you with Trio M last month in Ottawa...I'll get in touch with you via your website.


  3. well, I'm glad to have checked out yr blog today (pretty sure it's my first visit) - you're hitting any number of 'interest-nodes' for me - I love (most) of Myra's music that I've heard & have quite enjoyed "The Whole Tree Gone," so am looking fwd to hearing this - we in (& near) the Bay Area are quite lucky to have her around

    & Ben Goldberg!!! p'haps over-the-top, but lately I've been thinking he's the heir to John Carter's seat - certainly one of the progeny!

    thanks so much for posting this concert

  4. to choose one only cd to save would be very much embarassing, what to choose i dont know, but surely this is an outstanding concert, and very moving
    thank you Ron, and Arcturus for the tip
    above all thank you Myra Melford for this music