Monday, July 6, 2009

What's Bred in the Bone...

The late German trombonist Albert Mangelsdorff set the standard for the multiphonic technique on the instrument. But the trombone was not his original chosen instrument. He began on violin, then guitar by the time he was twelve and did not make the switch to the trombone until he was twenty! In the early 1970's he developed the technique of blowing notes with the horn and simultaneously humming or growling harmonic notes in his throat. He was instrumental in the development of European free jazz (as a member of the Globe Unity Orchestra)

We present a concert from 1961 by the Albert Mangelsdorff Quintet recorded in Germany and a record recorded in 1976 called Solo Now. Along with Mangelsdorff on trombone is Gunter Hampel on vibes, flute and bass clarinet, Joaquim Kuhn on piano and Pierre Favre on percussion. It is, essentially, a meeting of four musical minds and is strictly not led by Mangelsdorff, though he gets top billing. The playlist includes pieces that are created by various combinations of the the four players - from solo, duo to quartet. This is how it plays out:

1. Rainbow Road (4:08) Kuhn solo
2. Ant Steps on an Elephant's Toe (6:08)Mangelsdorff solo
3. Take Your Hit Kit (4:37) Mangelsdorff/Kuhn duo
4. Schwwweeet (solo suite - 10:25)
a)My New Friend No.294 (Hampel - flute)
b)Freedom of the Universe No.284 (Hampel - vibes)
c) Kisses No.291 (Hampel - flute keys)
d. Hot No.293 (Hampel - bass clarinet)
5. Fuga Mit Orgelpunkt von Schnee (5:00) Favre solo
6. Barriers on the Way to You (2:43) Favre/Hampel duo
7. In a Sentimental Mood (4:55) Kuhn solo
8. Supraconductivity (2:24) Mangelsdorff solo
9. Medieval Percussion Song (4:02) Favre solo
10. Ringelvier (3:55) quartet
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The concert is taken from German radio recorded on 1961-February - 19 in Tuttlingen, Germany,Steinbeis-Gewerbeschule at the SWF Jazz Konzert. The quintet is: Albert Mangelsdorff, tb; Günter Kronberg,as,bs; Bent Jaedig,ts; Peter Trunk,b; and Hartwig Bartz,dr . The playlist is spotty but here's what we have:

1. Title 5:42
2. Hershey Bar (GK,bs-feat) 5:41
3. BaBuSha 8:25
4. LaVern Walk (OscarPettiford,comp,PT,b-feat,arr) 8:26
5. Embraceble You (BJ,ts-feat) 6:13
6. Philly J. J. (HB,dr-feat) 7:01
7. Now's The Time 4:54
8. Title 6:42
9. Title 4:34
10. Title (AM,tb-feat) 5:12
11. Title 6:25
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