Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Return of Wide Open...

Let's call it Wide Open V.2.0 and let's play on. Call it a mixtape, a sampler - call it what you will. When I was in my formative years listening to music (say, the early 70's) record companies put out sampler records (they called 'em "loss leaders") and, man, were they effective! I got turned on to so much great music listening to those records in my bedroom (Mingus, Soft Machine, Mahavishnu Orchestra to name but three).

I'm sure there will be musicians you've heard, heard of, planned on hearing, read about, wondered about and those you've never even considered. The music varies (thus the title "Wide Open" - anything goes) but all of it is delightful.

But there's a catch.

You don't get artist names or song titles until the next Wide Open post. Call it a "blindfold test" or a "loss leader minus the linernotes". Call it what you will...

You can get it here.



  1. Hi, I posted a comment to one of your V.1.0 editions, saying that the files were lost, but that half your stuff was also my stuff.
    I've just been listening to V.2.0, and the proportion is a bit smaller there. Still, Sam Rivers Mellifluous Cacophony is my fav in that batch, together with the All Blues ... the Mahavishnu, I still have the vynils... and Johnny Jenkins is fun. But what the hell is that Andes-jazz piece at the end of the it?

  2. (I mean, the Andes-jazz piece is great! What is it?)

  3. Sorry about the loss of the previous Wide Open files... I'll try and dig them up and repost...

    That final catchy piece is the title track to Enrico Rava's early seventies album KATCHARPARI. The entire album is here in a previous post - see below...

    Kudos to you for recognizing so many tunes already... I'll post a new WO V2.0 very soon and post this playlist.