Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Man and His Horn, pt.4

So, we return to one of Italy's great jazz giants - Enrico Rava. This time we have two out-of- print records...

I recently found a couple of early Enrico Rava albums that are sadly out of print. Both are from the early 1970's and are wonderful musical experiences. Katcharpari is a "groovy", "fusiony" record that features the early electric guitar work of John Abercrombie before he solidified his signature ECM sound (that smooth, thick, remote tone with that elastic, fluid, rapid-fire attack). This record showcases Abercrombie's debt to McLaughlin and Hendrix.

Rava is, at turns, so lyrical and so kinetic. If you've heard his ECM recordings you'll be both pleased and surprised with this one. The title track is an infectious melody that had me awkwardly whistling the melody for days. It sounds like a folk song that's gone off the rails...

It plays out like this:
1. Bunny's Pie (2:00)
2. Trial No. 5 (6:10)
3. Dimenticare (9:07)
4. Cheerin' Cherry (9:30)
5. Katcharpari (4:09)
6. Fluid Connection (5:51)
7. Peace (1:59)

The personel is: Enrico Rava (trumpet, vocals, bells); John Abercrombie (guitars); Bruce Johnson (bass); Chip "Superfly" White (drums

Get it here.

The second album offered up here is Pupa O Crisalide, one of his Italian recordings. The line-up of musicians are entirely Italian and are completely unknown to me. It is more conventionally a straight ahead jazz album, yet no less exciting and engaging. It's made up of seven tunes :

1. Pupo O Crisalide (4:05)
2. C.T.'s Dance (6:45)
3. Tsakwe (8:12)
4. El Samba Graciela (4:11)
5. Revisione Del Processo No. 6 (10:28)
6. Lingua Franca (4:36)
7. Giromondo (3:36)


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